Testimonials from our Users

Rodrigo Sanhueza (Chile)

I’ve just finished my trip along the northwest of India, Rajasthan region, and I had the luck of having found your app in the hostel I stayed for the 4 places you’ve covered.

I really want to express my gratitude to you for the amazing job you’ve done with the audioguides, I was fascinated with the history and the deep level of interesting details you put into it.

I’m originally from Chile and I’ve been travelling around the world from last year, hoping to finish at least at the end of this year. Of all the guides I’ve used, your’s been my favourite.

Really, you made my indian trip way nicer, so thank you for that.

Rodrigo Sanhueza (Chile)Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Taj Mahal
Sunita Sachdev (India)

I downloaded this app before heading out to the Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi and I think that’s the best tip I ever got. We need to move on – to more progressive times, enough of those official looking guides that want to swindle the last penny from you – we need to move on India, and there’s no better way to enjoy India than this, well written, no in-app surprises, great execution and best of all very informative and authentic genuine information I would recommend everyone who’s going to one of these monuments to download this to enjoy the experience better

Sunita Sachdev (India)Humayun’s Tomb
Samantha Katz (Canada)

CaptivaTour is an awesome way to experience Qutub Minar!

The app is super interactive and easy to navigate…a great way to learn about the history of such an important Delhi monument and the perfect app for travellers who wish to have a personal walking tour without distractions!

Samantha Katz (Canada)Qutub Minar
David Rosenberg (Australia)

I really enjoyed it. This was the first experience I had in India when I actually knew what I was looking at … I learned more in the past two hours than I had in my whole 2 week trip so far. You should definitely get this app!

David Rosenberg (Australia)Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Taj Mahal
Claudia (Italy)

Rich in details and never boring, rather they keep your attention focussed on the subject with funny comparisons with the present time

Claudia (Italy)Humayun’s Tomb
Eric (Canada)

First impression … it was way better than we thought it would be …  this surpassed my expectations

The CaptivaTour App was an amazing way to experience the Qutub Minar monument … It gives perfect and clear detail on the history of India, Delhi and the monument itself. If you want to understand Islamic influence in India, the survival of Hinduism and India’s resistance during the Mongol empire, this is the perfect app for you!

Eric (Canada)Qutub Minar
Adi (Australia)

I found the guide very interesting .. It kept me fully attentive for over an hour – which is pretty rare! I didn’t skip anything at all. I found it pretty entertaining …

Adi (Australia)Qutub Minar