Nahargarh Fort CaptivaTour

The Nahargarh Fort CaptivaTour is the best way to visit this terrific hilltop fort overlooking the city of Jaipur. Nahargarh itself is a must see – get away from the more touristy Amer Fort and spend time exploring the palace and enjoying the views. Nothing like a drink at the Padao restaurant as the sun sets over Jaipur city to cap off a perfect day!

Nahargarh was built to guard over the city of Jaipur, and provide a fortification to which the city residents could escape to in case of attack. However, for the bulk of its existence it served as a pleasure palace and retreat for the Jaipur royals – in itself a testament to how secure Jaipur was due to its carefully choses alliances that helped it navigate the various political upheavals in North India.

The tour includes

– Over 30 minutes of audio content and
– Over 35 photos, charts and diagrams, covering
– 5 points of interest within the fort
– Interactive map showing your location and
– Restrooms and the best photo spots

The Nahargarh Fort CaptivaTour covers 5 Points of Interest as well as stories and content to listen to as you walk from point to point. Check out some sample content below ..

Visionary Decision

Enter Isarda

Entering Madhavendra Palace