Fatehpur Sikri CaptivaTour

Our Fatehpur Sikri CaptivaTour takes you through this magnificent and well preserved imperial capital of the Mughals

Fatehpur Sikri was built with hardly any defences by Emperor Akbar as his new capital, in thanks to a sufi saint who predicted the birth of his son. It was however abandoned a few years later for reasons that are not entirely clear.

The tour includes

– Over 100 minutes of audio content and
– Over 90 photos, charts and diagrams, covering
– 18 points of interest within the complex
– Interactive map showing your location and
– Restrooms and the best photo spots

The Fatehpur Sikri CaptivaTour covers 18 Points of Interest, as well as stories and content to listen to as you walk from point to point. Check out some sample content below ..

My Palace and Other Animals

Stable Relationships

A Once-in-a-millenium Ruler