Agra Fort CaptivaTour

Our Agra Fort CaptivaTour narrates the story of a family known as the Mughals, founded by an enterprising warrior named Babur.

The Mughals were the longest reigning dynasty in the Indian sub-continent, ruling over 25% of humanity and the world’s second largest economy, at their peak. How did they manage to achieve that feat? And in the end, how did they lose it all?

We tell you the fascinating story as you walk through the Agra fort, covering
– Over 95 minutes of audio content and
– Over 75 photos, charts and diagrams, covering
– 15 points of interest within the fort
– Interactive map showing your location and
– Restrooms and the best photo spots

The Agra Fort CaptivaTour covers 22 Points of Interest, as well as stories and content to listen to as you walk from point to point. Check out some sample content below ..

Jahangiri Mahal Carvings

Throne or the Grave

Mughal Treasure Trove